The Ultimate Pilgrimage – the journey to your soul

The Ultimate Pilgrimage – the journey to your soul

For a long time I have been trying struggling with doing what I feel is natural to me versus doing what is asked from me by society, which mostly feels not in tune with who I am. I know I am not the only one who wages this war and it is a sign of these times as transformation from the old to the new has begun. *

I wrote these words in 2012 for the book ‘Earthwomen Speak’ which I had published in the Netherlands. It was for my own article ‘Natural Living’ and it is now more than ever appropriate. While I am writing this article, we are in the midst of the Corona Virus outbreak. Travel is limited, countries are on lockdown, people are advised to stay at home in order to stop the spread of this nasty but potentially lethal illness. This is an unbelievable situation, like being in an apocalypse movie trying to survive the best you can. But it is also an opportunity, as we are given a momentum to stop and take the time to look at our life, ourself and the society we have created. We have taken much for granted in the last decades, not being respectful enough of what we have. Taken advantage of what nature offers us and basically destroying so much of her, that the consequences for our future generations are not good. The rat race most of us are in, is getting out of control, causing much stress and anxiety to people which expresses itself in all kinds of health issues. The hospitals have never been so busy and the psychologists have long waiting lists. But the economy is doing well!!

Fake Society

It seems that we are living in a free country, but in reality we are caged by obligations and the fake system that rules us. This system requires us to pay rent or mortgage, get insurances, work 8 hours a day, pay for gas, electricity and water, to pay for health insurance, education and much more. In the meantime all the organisations you have to deal with, government or non-government, expect you to know all their rules and regulations. But if at any time and for whatever reason you cannot meet these obligations, payments or whatever is asked of you, you are immediately treated as a law breaker. You will not be judged by human values, but by economical and financial rules and regulations, most of them being applied in a very cold and sterile way. You are dictated by government who tells you how to live and by your employer who tells you how to work. Politics, companies, municipal organisations, the media: each of them stuck in their own system. Even if your intentions are well meant, you will still get forced to play by the rules of the system and lose sight of your original goals.* But nobody counted on this virus that has now taken over the world and dictates the rules. Rules of health and wellbeing with the ultimate power: the threat of death. So who is really in charge and what is the message?

Mother Earth strikes back

We think we, humans, are in power but this virus shows us that we are not. I like to think that Mother Earth is striking back: enough of the abuse! Have a good think about what really is important and what do we really need? This is the opportunity for the ultimate pilgrimage to your soul-being. When you think of a pilgrimage, you usually think about walking to a sacred place and while you are on the road, beautiful transformation happens as you get confronted with mainly yourself. You start to peel off layers until you get to the core centre of your being: raw and beautiful. This experience changes something in you that makes you appreciate so much more of what you have in life. Now see this moment in time as a chance of going on a pilgrimage without physically travelling, but just spiritually: a journey to your soul.

There are many ways to do that, just find what suits you: meditating, writing a journal, singing, yoga, making a bucket list, etc.  Are you prepared to go inside and find your dreams, face your fears and simply check in with who you really are and what you really want. I dare you… Of course if you do that and come to the conclusion that you need to make some life changes, find new ways of living, then how do you go about that within the restrictions of this society we live in? Now here is the interesting thing: are they really restrictions or do you simply need a new way of looking at things?

New way of living requires a new way of thinking

New is a more natural society, where the emphasis is on connection, working together, creating from freedom and to unconditional accept each other. The human race has not been created to battle each other or to be in competition with one another: the human being is naturally a co-operative being. This was the conclusion of science journalist and writer Lynne McTaggart in her book: “ The Bond”, after having talked to and interviewed scientists in the social field. In her previous book “The Field” she describes how we are all connected in a field of energy and that if we are conscious of this we can use this field to influence in a positive way things in our lives. This was already known to ancient tribes and also is the fundamental bases for nature traditions like shamanism.

We need to get back to more natural ways of living, ways of living that suit us better and bring more wellbeing. Start by thinking about what you would like to change or see changed if you were in this new world. Talk about it with your friends, loved ones, neighbours and think of ways to get these changes going. It can be small, it can be big; if we are all in this together, we can achieve a lot.

We are so much more than just physical beings and by being aware of this we can live our potential and create a better world. I have realised that I can work actively in making this happen by focusing on positive things and not be consumed by negative thoughts. But we need trust to do this, now more than ever we need to learn to trust the universe and start relying less on the (false) securities of a money oriented society. It is the greatest challenge ever.

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*parts of this article was taken from my article ‘Natural Living’ from the book ‘Earthwomen Speak’ which I posted as a blog post under the title ‘Natural You’


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