Magical Avalon calls you

Magical Avalon calls you

There is no place anywhere like Glastonbury, located in the Southwest of the UK and well known to most people for its music festival which takes place once every year. But there is so much more that Glastonbury offers and especially if you are interested in magic, mystery, spirituality and Avalon. I have been living in Glastonbury for the last 7 years and I have experienced how special this place is. From the first moment (2002) I stepped into this bubble of heart energy, I felt I was coming home. This is not just my experience, it happens to many people who come here and are touched by the unconditional love that is felt as soon as you enter the town. Glastonbury is called the heart chakra of the world and it is also connected to the Isle of Avalon, a place of King Arthur, Merlin and Morgana legends that have been told and shared for many centuries. The legends speak of the fairies who live under the famous hill in Glastonbury, the Tor and of the High Priestess of Avalon who rules the land and guards the body of King Arthur who rests underneath the Tor.

No matter if you are a believer or not, Glastonbury will intrigue you, just by walking down the high street where people parade dressed as wizards, druids, priestesses, fairies or just colourful. Conversations with strangers are easy – there are no judgements – you can be yourself or whoever you want to be. Glastonbury attracts many spiritual pilgrims from all over the world, seeking for their own holy grail and connecting to their core natural being just by spending time here. When Avalon calls you, you have to go. But be prepared to transform, because Avalon holds the mirror and she will ask you: who are you truly? 

More than 75 beliefs and traditions are represented in Glastonbury – a melting pot of faiths, beliefs and practices. They will come together at community celebrations to honour the changing of the seasons, acknowledging the importance of Mother Earth and her wheel of creation. The beauty of nature is felt and seen in the land surrounding the Tor and Glastonbury and although I have walked that land hundreds of times, it never gets tiresome. So what makes it so special? Could it be the more the 15 ley lines crossing the Tor, with some of the major ley lines like the Mary line and the St Michael line, connecting other special places like Stonehenge, Avebury and more. It makes the Tor a powerful beacon radiating an energy that touches deep into our hearts and souls. Whatever it is, I like it and so do the many people visiting. There is such an energy present that allows you to be completely open and receiving, to be present in the now, to flow with whatever is going on and to be unconditionally you.

Not far from Glastonbury are a few other power places, which I already mentioned: two major stone circles built around 3500 BC, Stonehenge and Avebury. They are in an area of the UK where many of the crop circles appear. Our ancestors already knew that the land there was special and so they built these stone circles to honour the gods, goddesses, moon and sun. The geometry of the circles is precise and the builders knew what they were doing. They still radiate such an important force, that you can only be in awe just looking at them. As a tour guide, I get the chance to visit them often and it never gets boring, I can promise you. The UK has many magical places, beautiful landscape and quaint towns and villages. I  am lucky to live in one the most special of those places, Glastonbury and I would like to invite to come and feel for yourself. Avalon is calling you. 

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