A welcome from EarthMama

A welcome from EarthMama

Welcome to EarthMama’s travelblog! I am delighted that you are here and I hope by reading the posts, you will get some inspiration for your own travels or even just for your life’s journey. I decided to start this blog, because I do travel a lot and my posts on Facebook with the pictures always get good feedback and response. I am a 56 year old woman, mother and lover of nature. I absolutely love the beauty that the Earth gives us, be it in faraway places or nearby. If you are open to see and experience this beauty where ever you go, then your life will be enriched and your soul nourished. No matter what situation you are in, Earth can give you that healing you need. 

On my travels I have learned so much from the places that I visited and the people that I met. Everything and everybody has a story to tell and that can be very inspiring. So in my posts I will not only talk about the places I visit, but also about the people I meet and their stories. I am happiest when I am travelling and I try to follow the flow where ever I go. I let my intuition guide me to the right places and meeting the right people and it is just magical when synchronicity happens which it often does. My journey already starts when I am on internet researching the places I want to visit and I always know when seeing a certain picture of a place, that I need to go there. It has never disappointed me yet. 

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Why do I call myself EarthMama? It came to me a few years ago while doing Airbnb. I got so much good feedback about the space I offered and how much people just loved that, that I felt like a mother holding this space for them and it is a good feeling. I am also a Mother of two amazing children who I love very much. I accept people as they are and I want them to feel good and happy. Everybody is equally important and the Earth has a place for all of us. We are first and foremost Earth beings but we are living in an artificial society that really challenges our self-worth by making us believe that we are never good enough. EarthMama is here to tell you that you are just perfect and hopes to reconnect you with Mother Nature by sharing my stories and experiences visiting places and people around the world. 

Thank you for being here! 

Earthmama – Manon

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